Stephen Goldsmith
B.M.I. Publisher,Songwriter,
Bassist, producing extensive co-written material in many styles of music.  Recordings starting in 1980.
Dedicated to the production of new  music
Attention Record Collectors:

Just made available! A new collection of rarities!

ABSENTEES - Try'in To Mess With Me. - 1980 - vinyl 45
(UG Records - Stephen Goldsmith on bass)
2 available for the sum of $2,000 each.

HYPNOTICS - Indoor Fiends - 1982 - vinyl LP
(Enigma / AcidRainRecords release)
25 available for the sum of $500 each.

HYPNOTICS - Expendables - 1983 - vinyl LP
(Acid Rain Records unreleased)
200 copies pressed - only 30 available for the sum of $400 each.

HYPNOTICS -  Everyone Gets Their Nanosecond of Fame - 2000 - CD  (Grand Theft Audio / Acid Rain Records release )
available for the sum of $20 each.

1979_81Absentee Concept,
Rock N Steve
Punk and Rock
24 Song CD
1981The Grinders
Slammen Hard
7 Songs
Indoor Fiends
( Enigma 1 LP )
22 Song CD
The Expendables
Punk and New Wave
12 Song CD
1984Exhibition in Strength
Punk, New Wave and Techno
6 songs
1985All Access
Can You Dig It Mon
Techno, New Wave and Carribean
5 Songs
1985Common Pigmys
Standing Alone
New Wave and British Pop
4 Song CD
Seventh Heaven
Blues and Boogie Blues
1989_90The Steves
Tulsa OK USA
Ballad Rock and Country
1994Orange Frosted Flashlight ( OFF )
Lights Out
Ballad Rock and Christian Rock
1999Old Hat
Old Hat
Adult Contemporary
8 Song CD